Sara Sommerfeldt bei der FAIR SHARE Aktion am Weltfrauentag.


[she / her] founder and managing director

In addition to her work as an actress for film, television and theater, Sara Sommerfeldt works as a writer, director and producer of multimedia projects. After graduating as actor from the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, numerous theater engagements followed, including  Schauspielhaus Bochum and Staatstheater Stuttgart. After the birth of her first child, she founded Voicemaniacs GmbH, and produced as its managing director navigation voices for the major navigation systems manufacturers for ten years. In addition, she regularly stood in front of the camera for film and television productions and initiated and realized successful theater projects, most recently in collaboration with the Konzerthaus in Berlin. In 2019 she released her album HERZ AUS GLAS, for which she produced several music videos in addition to the songs. In 2021 Sara Sommerfeldt founded the company RISING GAZE Productions, with which she developes film, series and theater projects with a focus on an intersectional female gaze.

© Delia Keller




[she / her] Journalist and author


As a freelance author, Susanne Kaiser writes books, essays, reports and analyzes about society - especially now about threatened masculinity and the authoritarian backlash, including for ZEIT, Spiegel and Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Right now her book POLITICAL MALE. HOW INCELS, FUNDAMENTALISTS AND AUTHORITIES MOBILIZE FOR THE PATRIARCHY was published by Suhrkamp Verlag. For more than 15 years, she has dealt with the power relations between men and women in Muslim and Western societies, and more recently with emerging phenomena such as organized misogyny and sexism. She is interested in what this has to do with role ascriptions, how ideals of masculinity and femininity are constructed and enforced, and how women are repeatedly referred back to a subordinate place in the social hierarchy - where media culture plays a large part. As a journalist, she has mainly researched on the fringes of society, in remote areas and on extremist movements such as jihadists and right-wing terrorists. She advised members of the Bundestag on these issues.

Portrait der Autorin Susanne Kaiser.
Sithembile Menck,schöne junge afrodeutsche Schauspielerin mit dunklen Locken.



[she / her] actress



Since studying acting at the Zurich University of the Arts, Sithembile Menck has been working for more than 10 years for theaters such as the Karlsruhe State Theater, Saarbrücken State Theater, Hanover Theater, Cologne Theater and NT Halle. Since 2020, she has also increasingly focused on working in front of the camera for film and television. She shot for formats such as POLIZEIRUF 110, SOKO POTSDAM and TATORT. In 2020 she took on her first leading role in the independent film 5 SEASONS - EINE REISE (AT), which will premiere in 2022.


What accompanies her through all of her work areas, is the focus on anti-racism and anti-discrimination. This has resulted in her expertise in dealing with various forms of discrimination in a professional setting, as well as the desire to make working conditions for BIPoC theater- and filmmakers safe and fair.

© Steffi Henn



[she / her] Actress, director and writer


Lisa Charlotte Friederich studied acting at the HfMDK Stuttgart and applied theater studies at the JLU Gießen. In her bachelor thesis she dealt with gendering through formal means in streaming series. After guest engagements as an actress in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Heidelberg, she was a permanent member of the ensemble at Theater Lübeck from 2010 to 2012. The movie FRITZ LANG, in which she played the leading female role, won the Hessian Film Prize in 2016.

Her work as a director ranges from performative music theater to narrative feature film productions. In 2019 she wrote and staged the multimedia music theater piece CASTOR && POLLUX, which premiered at the Heidelberg Spring International Music Festival. With the musician Rike Huy she wrote, directed and produced the feature film LIVE, which was shown in competition at the Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival and won the Dr. Marschner Foundation won at LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International.

Lisa Charlotte Friederich, junge Frau mit langen braunen Haaren.

© UCM.ONE / David Stichling

Barbara Fickert sitzt in roten Kinosesseln mit dem weißen Langstock neben sich, lächelt in die Kamera.



[she / her] Blogger and initiator of KINOBLINDGÄNGER


Barbara Fickert was born in Mannheim. She first attended a special school for the visually impaired, but graduated from a regular high school. Then she studied law at Heidelberg and Berlin and worked as a logistics specialist.


Twenty years ago she had to do the training with the white long stick - at first reluctantly - which she doesn't want to miss for a minute anymore. In her spare time she plays acoustic guitar and percussion.


In 2016 she founded the KINOBLINDGÄNGER non-profit GmbH, which produces audio descriptions and extended subtitles for international arthouse films for German-speaking countries. Like this, she enables blind and visually impaired people, as well as people with hearing impairments, to follow what is happening on the big screen and to take part in this important part of social life .

© Andi Weiland



[she / her] Director, business consultant


France-Elena Damian grew up in Brasov (Romania) and fled to Germany with her family in 1988. After a classical ballet education, she studied adult education at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen and at the Free University in Berlin and worked for several years at the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Technology in the field of management consulting. In 2009 she completed her directing studies at the ERNST BUSCH Academy of Dramatic Art. Numerous productions at Theater Magdeburg, Landestheater Coburg, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Landestheater Schwerin, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Sophiensaele, Heimathafen Neukölln, Neues Theater Halle and in New York followed. As a co-founder of the PRO QUOTE BÜHNE e.V. association, she deals intensively with the management structures of state and municipal theaters. She also works as a mentor of the PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM and is part of the artistic management team of tak - Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, which is managed collectively by seven theater makers.

France-Elena Damian, Regisseurin aus Rumänien, trägt einen Pony und roten Lippenstift.
Portrait von Ariana Gansuh. Sie trägt ihre schwarzen Haare offen, blickt entschlossen in die Kamera.



[she / her] Actress, writer, director


Ariana Gansuh was born in Mongolia and immigrated to Berlin with her family in 1998, where she grew up. She studied acting at the Berlin Film Acting School until 2011 and then moved to Frankfurt am Main. Since then she has been working as an actress for cinema and TV.

In 2012 she made her short film project SPEED AND STILLSTAND, for which she wrote the script and directed. She is currently working closely with dramaturge Roland Zag on WHEN THE RAIN FALLS. The feature film project was funded with script funding from Hessenfilm und Medien. In spring 2022, together with the Frankfurt-based production company Westlight Film, filming will begin on her short film OH FATHER, which was funded with an HKST project grant and which she will also direct.

Ariana is involved in various associations for her heart issue, diversity, and moderated the BFFS podcast “Schauspiel Held*innen" until 2021.


[she / her] Director, activist, artist


Angelika Zacek studied directing at the ERNST BUSCH Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. For 12 years she has been working as a freelance director at theaters such as the Staatstheater Cottbus, Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Volkstheater Rostock and Mainfrankentheater in Würzburg. Her production AMPHITRYON was decisive for the award of the Würzburg theater for "Courageous theater work" at the Bavarian Theater Days 2011. In 2018, THEATER HEUTE nominated her as the best young artist in the critics' survey HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON.


In 2017 she and her colleagues founded the association PRO QUOTE BÜHNE e.V. and, as chairwoman of the board, she fights for gender equality, diversity, modern management techniques and corporate culture at German theaters. As an expert, she is asked for various specialist committees, discussions and interviews at the political federal and state level. Her focus on feminism and breaking up stereotypes is also reflected in her artistic work, and is enriched by her growing awareness due to her political engagement.

Portrait der Regisseurin Angelika Zacek. Sie trägt ihre dunklen Haare offen und lächelt leicht.
Das Portrait der Philosophin Luce DeLire ist leicht verschwommen und in Lilatönen gehalten.


[she / her] philosopher, performance artist, coach


Luce deLire is an eight-sail ship and is down on the quay. She works internationally as a philosopher, (digital) performance artist, as well as in existential coaching and consulting and currently lives between Berlin, Baltimore and New York.


She holds degrees in Philosophy, Media & Communications, Gender Studies and German Literature. Her publications and artistic work mostly deal with topics of media theory, queer theory, pop culture, as well as political theory and philosophical metaphysics. In addition to her own experiences and theoretical debates, her advisory practice is fed by activism and friendship with a collective character.

Topics of recently published works in preparation are totalitarianism, violence, gender equitable representation, internet architecture, criticism of capitalism, conspiracy theories, fascism, whiteness in philosophy, desire and infinity. Luce deLire sees herself as an atheist. More at:

© Lene Vollhardt 



[they / them] philosopher, author


Jule Govrin deals with desire, sexuality and gender and, in addition to her scientific writings, also regularly publishes articles on ZEIT Online. In 2016 she published her essay SEX, GOTT UND KAPITAL, in which she deals with the reception of Michel Houellebecq's novels and the interplay between sexual politics and anti-Muslim racism. Through her many years of work at the INSTITUT FOR QUEER THEORY, she is very familiar with queer topics and regularly publishes on legal equality and social recognition of people who are trans and rainbow families. Her literary studies and practical editorial experience, including the queer city magazine SIEGESSÄULE, sharpen her eye for stereotypical characters and narratives. Her curiosity is focused on the question of how these role models can be broken up in order to transform old self-evident things into new visibilities. Another focus is on the economic dimension of discrimination, which leads to the demand that diversity policies should not be limited to symbolic recognition, but should go hand in hand with economic redistribution.

Jule Govrin hat kurze braune Haare und trägt eine runde silberne Brille.

© Katrin Krämer

Eva Diamantstein hat dunkle schulterlange Haare und lächelt freundlich in die Kamera.


[she / her] Director, author, artist


Eva Diamantstein studied fine arts at the ÉCOLE DES BEAUX ARTS in Paris and the KUNSTAKADEMIE Stuttgart. Since 1985 she has worked as a freelance director and set designer in Germany and Switzerland. She also worked as a lecturer at the UNIVERSITY OF THE PERFORMING ART (MOZARTEUM) Salzburg, at the BRUCKNER-KONSERVATORIUM Linz and since 2005 at various private acting schools in Berlin.


Scholarships from the VILLA WALDBERTA, the KÜNSTLERHAUS DER CITY MUNICH and the LUISE-RINSER-STIFTUNG enabled her to pursue another field of activity as a writer. In addition to theatreplays, she also published essays and 2 poetry books. In her texts, exhibitions and installations, she deals with female perpetrators of National Socialism, the present of the repressed National Socialist past in language and behavioral patterns as well as the design of private and public living space, and war and persecution. Through her extensive research, she has developed a great knowledge about German-Jewish history, racism and exclusion. Eva Diamantstein works as a freelance artist and acting teacher in Berlin.


[she / her] actress


Taisiya Schumacher has been working as an actress in the theater and for television since graduating from the THEATERAKADEMIE KÖLN. She also works as a spokesperson.


Taisiya is a Russian Romni and since her "outing" she has been doing educational work and gives lectures and workshops throughout Germany. She also works as an author and has written a children's book about and for Sinti and Roma.


In addition, together with Fatima Remli and Rosina Kaleab, she founded a female BPoC writers room so that visibility in the German film, television and theater landscape is generated from the point of view of those affected. Away from stereotypes, criminalization and romanticization.

Taisiya Schumacher hat dunkle Augen und braune Haare und trägt einen Pferdeschwanz.

© Steffi Henn

Christoph Stein steht vor einer moosbewachsenen Mauer und schaut entschlossen in die Kamera.

© Francesca Franzke



[he / his] actor, systemic coach


Christoph Gérard Stein is a freelance actor with German-French roots. After stays in France and French-speaking Switzerland, he moved to Frankfurt am Main. He received his acting training at the PLOT SCHAUSPIELSTUDIO.


Christoph also completed his studies in human medicine at GOETHE UNIVERSITÄT FRANKFURT and FACULTÉ DE MÉDECINE in Besançon and was trained as a systemic coach.


He is a member of the BFFS and the Queer Media Society. In 2020 he played in THE END OF SILENCE, a film about the Frankfurt homosexual trials from 1950-51, the then imprisoned Wolfgang Lauinger.


He is currently working with two colleagues on the stage program ECHT, MANN?!, four plays that deal with the question of male identity in different ways.


[they/them] Artist, writer and cultural theorist

Alyk Blue is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and cultural theorist specializing in animation and gaming with a focus on LGBTQIA+ and racial issues, topics and representation. 

Alyk was born and raised in Hong Kong, and their love of cultural theorism has lead them to explore cultures across the globe, reaching 46 countries (so far).


A tech geek, Alyk critically analyzes and deconstructs animation and games (all genres and platforms) for representation of traditionally marginalized groups.



[she/her] Schauspielerin

Daniela Grubert, geboren in Braunschweig, studierte zunächst Internationales Informationsmanagement, Psychologie und BWL an der Universität Hildesheim, bevor sie schließlich ihren Wunsch, die Bühne zu ihrem Beruf zu machen, verwirklichen konnte. Sie zog nach Berlin, studierte dort weiter an der Universität der Künste und ist seither als Schauspielerin in verschiedenen (Gast-) Engagements wie z.B. am Deutschen Nationaltheater Weimar, Theater Dortmund, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Theater Augsburg, bei den Luisenburg Festspielen/Wunsiedel, Theater Lüneburg, in Spiel-/Kurzfilm, und auch als Sprecherin, Moderatorin, Sängerin tätig.

Als Schwarze Frau hat sie mitunter selbst Erfahrungen mit Diskriminierung und Sexismus - in professionellen Umgebungen, aber auch im Alltag - gemacht, kennt Vorurteile und weiß daher, wie wichtig es ist, einen sinnvollen, resoluten, aber gleichzeitig respektvollen und sensiblen Diskurs auf Augenhöhe zu den Themen Gleichberechtigung und Teilhabe zu führen. Denn nur, wenn wir im Austausch bleiben, können wir etwas bewegen.