RISING GAZE advises people from the film and television industry on a contemporary representation of women and minorities in film and on stage. Often we unintentionally pass on sexist, racist, LGBTIQ*-hostile or even ableist prejudices without being aware of it. RISING GAZE helps


  • to make scripts and plays more gender-sensitive and diverse

  • questioning racist, sexist and discriminatory narratives

  • to revise stories to reflect the diversity of society


Another important topic is the portrayal of violence against women in films and series. Studies [3] show that young men who repeatedly watch films depicting sexual violence, are more likely to accept this violence and rape myths. This is because the depiction of violence against women often only serves as a dramaturgical aid to advance the storyline of the male protagonist. The consequences of traumatic experiences for the victim are rarely discussed, and sexual violence is often presented as a drastic but ultimately strengthening experience. In the worst case, the woman will even fall in love with her rapist. In addition, the many female corpses in crime novels impair the feeling of security of women and girls who are confronted with such images on a daily basis. Violence against women should therefore not be instrumentalized or reproduced in films and plays, but rather problematized.


  • Is the background story about "Women in Refridgerators"? What are the alternatives?

  • Is the overall social context illuminated when depicting violence?

  • From what perspective is the violence presented?

  • Are the consequences for the victim discussed? How does the story deal with dissociation, flashbacks and PTSD?

  • Does the story reflect the sex offense statistics or is there at least a reference to it? Are narratives like that of false accusation spread?




[3] Der Begriff Antiziganismus wird teilweise kontrovers diskutiert. Da er jedoch vom Zentralrat Deutscher Sinti und Roma empfohlen wird, verwenden wir ihn je. Mehr dazu hier:

[4] Hier eine Übersicht: