The human brain cannot distinguish between reality and fiction. The more emotional an experience is, the more sustainably it is anchored in the brain. Films, series and theatreplays have a major impact on who we want to be and how we live. Film roles become role models, stories shape our worldview.


Let us now imagine a large discussion round in which the values ​​and beliefs of our society are negotiated. What if only a fraction of society is allowed to take part in the debate? Since white cis men currently take up over 75% of speaking time, [1] their perspective becomes more visible. They dominate the discourse - myths of dominance, struggle and heroism with male connotations have become the norm for all genders. BiPoC, people with disabilities, from LGBTIQ * communities as well as with disadvantaged social status hardly occur and are, if at all, usually presented from the perspective of a white elite. This one-sided approach in turn gives rise to stereotypical role models, unconscious prejudices and structural discrimination.


RISING GAZE is not about devaluing the white, male point of view, but about providing them with alternative perspectives on an equal footing. As media and theater professionals, we have a great responsibility for the impulses we give to society. If we use this responsibility constructively, we can make the world a little better with every story we tell.


RISING GAZE offers people from the film and theater industry easy access to all important information about gender and diversity - both in the company and in story development. Our experts will advise you first-hand on gender-equitable participation, prevention of abuse of power and discrimination, as well as non-discriminatory storytelling when portraying women and violence against women on stage and screen.


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