The human brain cannot distinguish between reality and fiction. The more emotional an experience is, the more sustainably it is anchored in the brain. Films, series and theatreplays have a major impact on who we want to be and how we live. Film roles become role models, stories shape our worldview.


Let us now imagine a large discussion group in which the values ​​and beliefs of our society are negotiated. What happens if only a fraction of society is allowed to participate in the debate? With white cis men currently claiming over 75% of the speaking time, [1] their perspective becomes more visible. An androcentric worldview and male connoted myths of dominance, struggle, and heroism have become the norm for all genders. BiPoC, people with disabilities, from LGBTIQ* communities and with disadvantaged social status barely feature and, if at all, are mostly portrayed from the perspective of a white elite. In turn, stereotypical role models, unconscious prejudices and structural discrimination arise from this one-sided view.


RISING GAZE is not about devaluing the white, male points of view, but about giving them equal weight with alternative perspectives. As media and theater professionals, we have a great responsibility for the impulses we give to society. If we use this responsibility constructively, we can make the world a little better with every story we tell. Moreover, telling stories from new angles is extraordinarily promising: Projects with multi-layered female main characters that negotiate important current issues, for example, are the recipe for success of the award-winning Danish series that sell all over the world [2].


RISING GAZE offers people from the film and theater industry easy access to all important information about gender and diversity - both in the company and in story development. Our experts provide first-hand advice on gender-equitable participation, prevention of abuse of power and discrimination, and contemporary representation of women and violence against women on stage and screen.


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